What is SUIT

SUIT is an app developed for going out for the use of private users. The app makes it easier for the users to find the right place when going out, whether your single or not. And you can search for the kind of people you prefer to party with (singles, couples, men, women).

The app is for both singles and couples who want to go out and meet other people, and the users get the chance to rate the locations and get offers from bars nearby.

SUIT is for users of minimum 18 years of age, but SUIT can’t be held responsible for whether the user gives correct information when signing up. If disclosed or reported, users under the age of 18 will be excluded from the app.

SUIT points out that some bars and clubs have a minimum age for entering, which is the user’s own responsibility to be aware of.

SUIT is owned by DEMAAN ApS, registered in Denmark under VAT number DK36015691. All enquiries about the app should be addressed to info@seeuintown.

About rating, poking, connections and offers

About rating:

All checked-in users can rate the location, which generates a total daily score for the location, which will appear in the app.

About poking and connections:

By poking you send a message to the user that you’re interested. If that person pokes back you are connected and can see each others locations. The connection can easily be annuled by unpoking.

About offers

SUIT allows paying users access to offers from bars, clubs etc who want to offer something to the users. The offers are between the user and the location and SUIT is not involved in the process of retrieving the offer. The offers can be everything from free entry to special prices.

about data, user guidelines & marketing

By using SUIT you allow the following

  • SUIT can track your location
  • SUIT can send you notifications through the app
  • SUIT gets access to your photo library if permitted
  • SUIT gets access to your Facebook photo library, if you use Facebook as login
  • SUIT gets information about your age, status, gender and location and can use this in sales and marketing related matters and pass on the information to relevant third parties (eg checked-in locations).
  • SUIT trackes your check-in sessions and can use this in sales and marketing related matters and pass on the information to relevant third parties (eg checked-in locations)

User demands

  • Minimum age is 18 years
  • Only for personal use
  • Download available through App Store or Googleplay
  • The app can’t be distributed, translated or copied without written consent from DEMAAN Aps
  • You can’t use or copy other users profil pictures
  • You can’t register under someone else’s name
  • You can’t harass other users
  • Al data belongs to SUIT

How to delete your profile

By written statement to All user info will be deleted completely and cannot be restored after deletion.

Which data does SUIT collect?

  • Name
  • Email
  • Age
  • Zip code
  • Status
  • Language
  • Cheked-in locations
  • Ratings
  • Connections
  • Search results

What can SUIT use this informationer for?

  • Targeted ads
  • Customize the service
  • Improve the app
  • Customer support
  • Analysis

Who does SUIT share information with

  • Other users
  • Advertising companies
  • Checked-in locations
  • Any company that may buy or merge with SUIT

SUIT reserves the right to continously update these terms and conditions to develop and improve the app.